Section 66 Deakin

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Hindmarsh has engaged Purdon Planning to lead the rezoning of Section 66 Deakin to allow multi-unit residential development on the subject site. The rezoning process will require a variation to the Territory Plan, ACT’s key planning document.

Section 66 is currently zoned a Transport Services Zone (TSZ2), which is an uncommon industrial zone within the ACT. The Territory Plan Variation (TPV) would look to change this zone to a Mixed-Use Zone (CZ5), in order for the land to be repurposed to house a multi-unit residential development. Development of Blocks 7 and 8 is likely to accommodate a max of 200 units. Development of the entire site may yield between 400 and 500 units.

This project is at an early stage, we are seeking views from the community to inform the project. Key issues raised will inform an integral part of a planning report and design of the proposal.

Locality Map

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Section 66 is adjacent to Deakin’s boundary with Hughes and with Kent Street passing along the western frontage. The site borders the Red Hill Nature Reserve on its northern and eastern boundaries and lies opposite Alfred Deakin High School and the Deakin Offices.

Blocks 7, 8 and 13 are currently undeveloped. Blocks 2 and 6 to the north east of the subject area contain a Telstra Office facility and the Deakin Department of Defence building respectively. The total subject site area is 25,412m².

The site is conveniently located between Hughes and Deakin and is in close walking distance to a variety of amenities such as local shopping centres, recreation facilities, and various health services.

Proximity to Local Amenities

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Studies Completed to Date

During the process of varying the Territory Plan, in-depth studies must be completed on social, environmental and economic impacts and benefits of the zone change. The following studies have been conducted and will be discussed at public consultation sessions (see below). Study findings include:

  • Ecological: Vegetation onsite consists of mainly exotic grasses and non-indigenous native plantings. Section 57 block immediately to the south of the site is zoned as an urban open space. This area would not be impacted by the proposed development. Given the current highly modified state of the site, overall the study suggests the project should not impact on the ecology of the subject site.
  • Noise: The study identified the potential noise from the Telstra establishment, however with suitable mitigation the risk is expected to be manageable. Overall the study did not identify any particular acoustic design risks associated with using the site for the proposed intention.
  • Light: The Study provided various recommendations for light designs to ensure security and area lighting is maintained while light spill does not impact on residents and the Nature Reserve.
  • Contamination: Overall the report suggests that the site will be suitable for the proposed end use with minimal remediation and management, if required.
  • Traffic: A traffic impact and parking report indicated the proposed development will not require any intersection upgrades and the existing access via Hampden Place is suitable for the proposed development.
  • Heritage: Overall the Heritage Site assessment reported that no heritage sites (Aboriginal or European) or areas of archaeological potential were identified in the study area so there are no statutory implications.

Proposed Land Zoning

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Proposed Development

If the rezoning process is successful, Hindmarsh plans to develop a multi-unit residential development on the site.

The development would be distinctive, modern and high-quality build, drawing its character from the adjacent Red Hill Nature Reserve and oriented away from the adjacent Defence building to ensure the focus is on an attractive internal environment taking advantage of the expansive views.

The Defence and Telstra sites are included in the proposal, and may be redeveloped in the future for further residential or commercial commensurate with the Deakin business district.

Overall the development design intent aims to be a well considered and visually pleasing addition to the overall character of the area. Architectural plans have not been drafted at this early stage. We hope that input from the community will inform the proposed design.

Community Feedback

The project team will be holding two Community Engagement sessions in Deakin and Hughes in the coming weeks:

1. Thursday 24 August 2017 at the Hughes Community Centre from 5-7.30pm (2 Wisdom Street Hughes)

2. Saturday 26 August 2017 on site from 11am-1pm, Hampden Pl Deakin (Purdon representatives will be situated at the end of Hampden Place)

All members of the public are welcome to drop in at any time during this period to discuss the proposal with the project team and contribute their local knowledge of the site.